How to Make Smarter Choices in Every Day Life & Why You Must Have More Fun at Work

07.04.2019 - By Something You Should Know

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Hot summer days are often called the “dog days of summer.” Why? This episode begins with an explanation of that.
You make a lot of choices every day. Some are harder to make than others. Listening to this episode will likely help make better choices. Joining me is Joseph Bikart author of the book The Art of Decision Making: How We Move from Indecision to Smart Choices ( After listening you may change the way you look at the choices you make. 
It seems a lot of homeowners are over-watering their lawns. Doing so not only wastes water but causes some other problems as well. Listen and discover how to check that your lawn is getting just the right amount of water.
Having fun at work may seem counterproductive. How can you get work done if you are having fun? Well, it seems to be more complicated than that. In fact having fun may be just the thing for getting more work done – better! Joining me to explain is Dave Crenshaw a speaker and trainer who has authored five books. One of them is called The Power of Having Fun (
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