Human Resources Strategies

By Armin Trost

What's Human Resources Strategies about?

This podcast provides a comprehensive overview on the strategic side of human resources management (HRM). You learn on a stepwise basis how to build a strong human resources strategy for a given company. This podcast is for those, who share a deeper and advanced interest in HRM: students, professionals and executives.

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Armin Trost is a recognized professor on human resources management. He teaches at the Furtwangen University (Germany). Moreover he is known for various books in HRM. Dr Trost is an engaged speaker and a trusted advisor in the field of strategic HRM, leadership and organization.

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#37 Employee Retention. One...


Losing a valuable employee could just be a pity or even a tragedy. The problem seems to be clear. However, the way how companies deal with this topic really differs. Some do everything to protect themselves from missing loyalty. Some ...

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