85. I Was a Teenage Catfish

04.17.2019 - By The Secret Room | True Stories

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Amber catfished teenage boys for three years.  But can a catfish have real feelings?  And if she does, how does that work out?  Amber tells us who she talked to and how she pulled it off.  THE TRAIL WENT COLDHear Ben on The Trail Went Cold Ep 120.  It's about the unsolved murder of Amber Tuccaro. PICTURESSee the drawing JD composed to express his love for Amber. Also see Amber in her catfish years and as the woman she is today. They're waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Our handle on each is @secretroompod. TEAMProduction: Susie Lark  Street Secrets: Bobbi Jo Valdez Digital Marketing: Tassja Cadoch  The Sound Engineer: Chet Music: Breakmaster Cylinder SUBMITSubmit your secret at our website secretroompod.com. LISTENER SURVEYTake our Listener Survey at SecretRoomPod.com!! Thank you for downloading the Secret Room. :)  ~ Ben

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