Immigrant Youth's Mental Health

01.21.2021 - By Latinx Therapy

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In this episode we speak with Stephanie Del Chiaro who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of her private practice in San Francisco, CA. We discuss the mental health implications of immigration status, family, school issues, and interventions that are helpful for immigrant youth in therapy.  Information about Our Guest: Stephanie Del Chiaro: Instagram:@sdc_therapy  Check out her practice at:  Stephanie is also a member of our directory, check out her profile:  If you like this episode, leave us a review on iTunes.  Follow us on social media: IG/Twitter: @LatinxTherapy, Facebook: Latinx Therapy.  To support this cause please consider donating to help with production costs. Donate via Venmo @latinxtherapy.  Find a Therapist:  Resources Mentioned in Episode:  Informed Immigrant: Immigrants Rising:  First5 CA:  Legal Services:  Informed Immigrant Guide for Clinicians:  Dreamers RoadMap- to find scholarships:  Mutual Aid & Immigrant Advocate: Instagram- @EdwinSotos

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