Imposter Syndrome, Shifting into 5D and Owning your Worth: Q&A - Episode 240

08.28.2020 - By A Taylored Adventure To Happiness

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Text the word JOURNAL to 202-217-0704 to receive journal prompts & to connect 1:1 with me!! YES that’s my # and it’s ME! What's Your Money Frequency? Find Out Now Download The Tap into the Frequency of Money FREE Meditation here! Come say hi over on Instagram  Come join my tribe on Facebook     Ascend opens September 1st: In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: How to eliminate imposter syndrome.  Embracing the roller coaster ride spiritual awakening.  Get to the root of your fears and release them. Journal prompts that allow the subconscious to pull up blocks from childhood.  How to protect your energy and avoid absorbing others ' energy. The importance of a morning ritual. What is 5D  and how to shift into it? How to deal with those who have different beliefs than you.  Going from fear to freedom.   Shownotes: In today’s episode, I dive into a Q&A.; Join me as I answer questions from the women in my free online community, Women Manifesting Abundance on facebook.  We talk about how to eliminate imposter syndrome and the importance of stepping into your gifts.  We dig deep into the ups and downs of spiritual awakenings, keeping your root chakra safe, and setting boundaries. We also discuss 5D and tangible ways to arrive there. Listen in on this episode as we answer the questions that will help you go from fear to freedom.

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