Improve Your English Listening Skills: Learn How to Understand Fast English Speakers Better

11.20.2019 - By Go Natural English Podcast | Listening & Speaking Lessons

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As you spend more and more time conversing in English, you’ll realize that apart from learning how to speak English the way, you also have to sharpen your listening skills. The sharper your English listening skills are, the better you can speak and converse in English in the most natural way. When you chat and talk to natural English speakers, you’ll come across those who speak maybe a tad too fast for you. But keep in mind that this is really common. When you go to a restaurant or any place really busy, chances are they will all speak really fast. Don’t worry, I’ve got some tips for you so that you can understand them and catch up!   DON’T GET OVERWHELMED The first thing to do is to not get overwhelmed and discouraged. Just because you are having a hard time understanding fast English speakers, it does not mean you have poor listening skills. But there is definitely room for improvement. As long as you continue to persevere in your journey to learn English, you are always on the right track.   LEARN ABOUT SPEED, STRESS AND INTONATION Speed If you are a beginner at learning English, you may be saying your sentences at a much slower pace. That’s alright. But as you progress, you must be able to adapt to situations when speaking slow and speaking fast are necessary. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with being able to improve your listening skills so that you understand the people you are conversing with. Saying – each – word – really – slowly in conversations can make you sound robotic. If you want to sound natural and conversational, it’s important to develop the right speed when talking. LEARN MORE! THE FULL FREE ENGLISH TIP IS HERE ON THE WEBSITE:

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