EP24 - In conversation with: Frantoio Pruneti about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

10.26.2019 - By Cooking with an Italian accent

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One of the ingredients that has always caused more questions and doubts during my cooking classes is olive oil. I’ve grown up worshipping olive oil as key ingredient in Tuscan cooking, it is still my favourite one. I’ve given for granted uses, good habits and qualities until more and more questions during cooking classes made me pause to reflect.So this is why we decided to dedicate a whole episode to extra virgin olive oil, interviewing Paolo Pruneti from Frantoio Pruneti on the history and qualities of extra virgin olive oil.We’ll answer the following questions:- Which is the difference between extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and olive oil?- How do you produce extra virgin olive oil?- How can I choose a good extra virgin olive oil, if I don’t know the producer?- What is a DOP or IGP and how important is this for a customer?- Extra virgin olive oil and landscape. How many cultivars are in Italy and in Tuscany and what does it mean for the taste?- Extra virgin olive oil and cuisine. Is it safe to cook or fry with extra virgin olive oil?- Is the green extra virgin olive oil the best olive oil?- When do you pick olives?- How long can I use a bottle of extra virgin olive oil?- How many olive oils should I have in my pantry?Remember, the love for extra virgin olive oil is contagious. Be the first one to spread the love of good and authentic extra virgin olive oil in your family and community.Read the archive post on the blog “Why extra virgin olive oil is good for you?”https://en.julskitchen.com/other/why-is-extra-virgin-olive-oil-good Learn more about Pruneti on line:The website: https://www.pruneti.it Pruneti on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pruneti/ The Pruneti ExtraGallery on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prunetiextragallery/ You can purchase the Pruneti Extra Virgin olive oil online here:https://www.pruneti.it/default?aspxerrorpath=/catalogo/ Find me online at www.julskitchen.com or on Instagram https://instagram.com/julskitchen/ Join our Facebook Group Cooking with Juls’ Kitchen: https://www.facebook.com/groups/775325049335625/Podcast realized by https://instagram.com/tommyonweb

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