Episode 21- Intoxication and Withdrawal Syndromes

12.15.2017 - By Psych Essentials

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In our two-part series on substance use, we will first discuss drugs of abuse and intoxication/withdrawal syndromes. We’ll provide a conceptual framework for how to differentiate common toxidromes frequently encountered in psychiatry. We’ll then reinforce your knowledge through a series of cases highlighting the clinical presentations of  sedatives, opioids, stimulants, hallucinogens, cannabinoids, and dissociatives. Come on down to the (metaphorical) Burning Man medical tent and learn to identify common toxidromes with us!

Photo Credit: Curtis Simmons, “bw-temple-tempest-burning-man-2014” Flickr
Episode Music Credits: Javier Suárez, Tumbling Dishes, Better With Music

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