Is the Burnley takeover a good deal? + Hashtag United's Spencer Owen on another non-league season cancelled

01.14.2021 - By The England Show

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Mark Chapman is joined by The Athletic's Matt Slater to look at our exclusive story on the recent Burnley takeover. Their new owners have only put in £15 million up front and the rest is leveraged debt. What does this mean and should Burnley fans be concerned?
Swansea City investor Jordan Gardener joins us to give us his considered view on the Burnley deal and context on the wider picture relating to increasing amounts of American capital investment in football.
We also speak to Spencer Owen of Hashtag United (22:40) about the increasingly difficult situation in non-league football as it appears a second consecutive season is going to be cancelled and expunged from the record books.
Spencer also gives us a fascinating insight into what it's like to have created a fully-fledged football club from scratch off the back of being a YouTube sensation and the club's ambitious vision for the future.

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