Episode 210 - It's the Masque of the Polychrome Death, Eddie Poe!

04.08.2020 - By The Damn Dirty Drive-In

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Holy Phantasmagoria! In the third installment of the Eddie Poe series, the Poe-nuts find themselves besieged by a polychromatic pandemic! What a perfect time to throw a party! But when an uninvited guest crashes the festivities, will Eddie Poe and the rest of the gang be able to shake off its infectious influence?

“It’s the Masque of the Polychrome Death, Eddie Poe!” is a parody inspired by the works of Charles M. Schulz, and Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death. Written and directed by Robb Maynard.

Featuring the vocal talents of Greg Tally, Ron McAdams, Liane Dietz, Rico E. Anderson, Jennifer Lynn Warren, Kate Page, Ryan Smith, Robb Maynard, Tim Blaney, Kirk R. Thatcher, and Frank Dietz as Gothic Horror Cartoonist Edgar Allan Poe.

Original “Bossa Nova Walking Theme” by Willy T. Golden. Promotional Artwork by Daniel Vincent Bigelow.

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