Episode 297: James Rodney Hicks Part 2

02.05.2022 - By Morbid

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We know you have been waiting for the conclusion to this horrific tale, and here it is. James Rodney Hicks destroyed the lives of everyone he came in contact with, but unfortunately he was slipping through the cracks at every turn. Now, armed with decades worth of information and a thirst for justice, Detective Ricker joins forces with a new investigator to take Hicks down once and for all. But not before gruesome details are revealed that would disturb even the most seasoned of detectives.

Check out this amazing book on the case: Tragedy In The North Woods by Trudy Irene

Also, this is an amazing podcast series on this case, including a discussion with Detective Ricker. Murder She Told (Also this pod is just really great in general!)

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