JAWS: Everything, Then Some, and More

05.30.2020 - By Slice of SciFi Radio

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JAWS production designer Joe Alves and JAWS historian Dennis L. Prince stop by to talk about the history of JAWS, the making of the iconic film, and about creating the book "Designing JAWS", which is a treasure every fan of the movie and of creature design should have.

Joe also talks a little about working with Steven Spielberg on "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (he also worked on "Escape From New York", among dozens of others), and Dennis talks about going through Joe's archives from working on the film to compile the notes into "Designing JAWS".

The 45th Anniversary home video release of JAWS is a 4K UHD set, available June 2, and appears to contain most of the extras that had been available on earlier different high-definition versions of the movie.

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