#062 - Jewish Magical Rings, Swords and Stones with Rabbi Yosef M. Cohen | Glitch Bottle

12.14.2019 - By Glitch Bottle Podcast

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Author and scholar, Rabbi Yosef M. Cohen, has been sharing his studies and research of the practical side of Kabbalah - which is Jewish magic -for several years. He is the author of “Magnus Liber Sigillorum” which explores magical alphabets and recipes culled from ancient and medieval Jewish manuscripts of magic and practical Kabbalah. His latest book, “Behold with this Ring”, details 21 magical rings in the Jewish tradition. Rabbi Cohen also talks about the use of swords and stones in the Jewish magical tradition, answers your Patreon listener questions, and more!*Check out Rabbi Cohen’s Magical Blog - https://jewishmagic.blogspot.com/*Check out “Behold With This Ring” - https://www.amazon.com/Behold-This-Michael-Yosef-Cohen-ebook/dp/B07ZPKPFGH*Check out “Magnus Liber Sigillorum” - https://www.amazon.com/Magnus-Liber-Sigillorum-Michael-Yosef/dp/1981699783

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