JF1865: Getting Rid Of Security Deposits & Overcoming The Fear Of Investing Out Of Market #FollowAlongFriday with Theo and Chris Salerno

10.11.2019 - By Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

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Theo is telling us two great lessons he learned last week while doing the interviews for the podcast last week. He is joined by Chris Salerno () today. The lessons they will be discussing are coming from Adam Weiner () and Christopher Stafford (). If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review! Best Ever Tweet: “To find out if someone is driven and motivated, don’t ask generic questions”  Evicting a tenant can be painful, costing as much as $10,000 in court costs and legal fees, and take as long as four weeks to complete. TransUnion SmartMove’s online tenant screening solution can help you quickly understand if you’re getting a reliable tenant, which can help you avoid potential problems such as non-payment and evictions.  For a limited time, listeners of this podcast are invited to try SmartMove tenant screening for 25% off. Go to and enter code FAIRLESS for 25% off your next screening.

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