Joe Strummer Special - Rare and Obscure Part 2

08.21.2015 - By Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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There is so much Joe Strummer content that we can do this damn special forever! That's not really a bad thing because if you are tired of the same old Joe Strummer Specials that everyone else puts out, then look no further. I have to hand it to Adam White and John Gentile of they bring their A game on the show everytime. They left no stone unturned on the internet to dish up some great tidbits of epic Strummer and music nerdery.

I will continue to have Adam and John on my show as long as they put up with my shit.

Thank you for listening to the show however you do. If you feel like donating to the EatKS to help keep the show going that would be awesome. (I keep forgetting to tell you that in the damn podcast)

The playlist

Electric Doghouse -Generations
Mick Jones (Joe Strummer) - 46664
Jimmy Cliff and Joe Strummer - Over The Border
The Clash - Mark Me Absent
The Clash - I Can't Understand The Flys
The Clash - YMCA
Joe Stummer and The Latino Rockabilly War - Plymouth Roadrunner
The Clash with Futura 2000 - Futura 2000
The Damned (w Joe Strummer, Topper Headon) - Noise Noise Noise
Joe Strummer with the Pogues - Turkish Song of the Damned
Mikey Dread (w Paul Simonon) - Ever Changing World
Ranking Roger and Dopegrinders - Rock the Casbah

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