201: Joey Ryan – CFO & Co-Founder of Gilded, Simplifying Crypto B2B Payments

12.01.2020 - By Where Accountants Go - The Accounting Careers Podcast

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Joey Ryan, the CFO and Co-Founder of a company working in the blockchain solution space, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast.

We haven’t touched on blockchain much yet on this show with the exception of an episode or two, so this was a refreshing topic.  Joey started his career in public accounting, but as he worked to keep up his knowledge of current issues in the profession, he became interested in blockchain and crypto-currency.  Fast forward a couple years and he was meeting the individuals he co-founded Gilded with at a crypto-currency Meetup event.  And as they say, the rest is history.

Gilded creates accounting solutions for companies that transact business in crypto-currency.  Their products plug into existing accounting systems in order to enable functions such as billing and collections to be handled in crypto-currency mediums.

If you want to know more about how crypto-currency affects the accounting profession from a very practical standpoint, this episode is for you.

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