John Malecki on Epoxy Tables and Football (Ep 23)

12.17.2021 - By The WTS with Steve Ramsey

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John Malecki is a woodworker and epoxier who started his YouTube channel in January, 2016 and had a big breakthrough just two years later when he posted a pair of live edge epoxy table videos within 5 days of each other. The second of these, Live Edge River Table Woodworking How To is still his most viewed video with 5.1 million views.   Ever since then, the channel is about going big! Big epoxy, big slabs, and most recently a huge workshop. Before getting into YouTube, John was a football player who actually got to play a game in the NFL.   But I think viewers are mostly hooked on John's show because of his hijinks and fast paced presentation. You never know what to expect when watching a John Malecki video.   Check out John's YouTube Channel:     

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