JR Overcome Show -Episode 15 - Having a Blast with Blown Up Guy

03.28.2019 - By Jason Redman's Moving the Needle

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JR Overcome Show - Episode 15 - Having a Blast with Blown Up Guy - Jason "Overcome" Redman interviews US Army wounded warrior, author, and speaker, Mr. Blown Up Guy, Brian Fleming. Jason & Ryan have a great discussion on the word of the day - Resilience and how all of us need to constantly be pushing ourselves to be more resilient and also a discussion on the current level of grit & resiliency in America’s upcoming generations. We have a great interview with Brian Fleming on his injuries and how he is using them to help companies & individuals across the  country. As Always we close with 2 Minutes of motivation - shotgunning our views on the Overcome Mindset & Resilience! - Time to get your Conquer & Overcome on! Follow us on Twitter @jrovercomeshow
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