Julia Baird Finds Light In The Darkness

04.03.2020 - By No Filter

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You may know Julia from her columns in Australian newspapers and the New York Times and from the TV where she hosts daily current affairs show, The Drum on the ABC. She’s also written several books including an award winning biography of Queen Victoria. Her latest book though, is much more personal.

A few years ago, Julia's life took an unexpected twist that brought with it many challenges and led her to write a new book about finding the light. It's called Phosphorescence: On Awe And Wonder And Things That Sustain You When The World Goes Dark and it's an incredibly uplifting book all about the ways in which Julia found the light in life again and again and again, in some very unlikely places.

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Guest: Julia Baird

Producer: Melanie Tait, Luca Lavigne

Technical Producer: Ian Camilleri  

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