Episode 469 | Key Takeaways from MicroConf Europe 2019

11.05.2019 - By Startups For the Rest of Us

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Show Notes
In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike walk you through some of the talks and key takeways from MicroConf Europe 2019.
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MicroConf Europe
picture of an evening reception at MicroConf Europe 2019 at Vala Beach
Rob: In this episode of Startups for the Rest of Us, Mike and I talk about our key takeaways from MicroConf Europe 2019. This is Startups for the Rest of Us episode 469.
Welcome to Startups for the Rest of Us, the podcast that helps developers, designers, and entrepreneurs be awesome at building, launching, and growing startups whether you’ve built your fifth startup or you’re thinking about your first. I’m Rob.
Mike: And I’m Mike.
Rob: And we’re here to share our experiences to help you avoid the mistakes we made. So, where this week, sir?
Mike: Not much. Just working on my security audit for Google.
Rob: I was going to ask about that. That’s the running thread. I think in the next couple of weeks, we should get back a full updates episode, but talk me through it briefly.
Mike: It started earlier this week, so I scheduled it for the week after MicroConf Europe because obviously I wasn’t going to be here at last week. I didn’t want to start it the week that I wasn’t here because it’s expensive. We went through, how to kick-off call, they said, “Which environments do you want?” and then they asked, “How much can your server handle in terms of requests per second?” and I hesitated a little bit because I wasn’t really sure what to tell them.
On one hand, I want them to do a good job, but on the other hand I don’t want it to fall over and die on itself. I said, “Try to be a little careful, but I should be alright generally if anything happens. Just email me right away and be done with it.” I just turned them loose.
Rob: Do you think it was a good call to do it immediately after MicroConf Europe? I guess you flew back on Wednesday, I flew back on Thursday. It wasn’t just jet lag. It’s just that extravert hangover being around so many people. It’s so amazing and you want to stay up late and have a bazillion conversations but then, I find that on the flight back I am completely worthless. Basically, I can’t do any work and frankly, several days after MicroConf, I just don’t book anything. Even doing phone calls is a real stretch for me. The fact that the audit started the week after, were you geared back up again by then?
Mike: I was, but I didn’t have all the stuff ready to go right away. We ended up starting about a day late, but that was partially my fault because any email come through that I didn’t fully read absolutely everything in it, it said, “Reply to this email just to confirm that we’re good to go on this date.” I confirmed it on the call but then they followed it up with an email afterwards just to verify and I hadn’t replied to that.
So we ended up starting a day late, but there’s a bunch of paperwork that I was still working on to get over to them. So, documentation, policies, procedures, that sort of stuff. Anyway, we really didn’t start any too much later. I could be a lot worse. It could’ve been them saying, “Oh. Well, our schedule is booked for the next three weeks, so you’re going to have to wait three weeks.” I’m glad that it didn’t come to that.
Rob: That makes sense. From my end, really spent a week-and-a-half in Dubrovnik. I guess it was eight days and the first part of that for several days was second in-person TinySeed retreat and then rolled into MicroConf Europe and then I stayed one extra day just purely because I couldn’t get a flight out at a good time, but that was nice to have that extra day. Most people were gone and that view from that hotel is just amazing.
If you’re on Twitter and you saw any pictures—we’ll even try to grab a picture and put it in the show notes here. Tt really is the nicest venue we’ve ever had in MicroConf fat ever in either continent. There’s something about being that

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