Episode 5 | Khory Hancock AKA 'The Environmental Cowboy'

06.08.2020 - By The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott

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In this episode Charlie chats to the Environmental Cowboy Khory Hancock. Khory talks candidly about his regenerative journey thus far & how the environmental cowboy persona came to be, including who & what inspires him. We delve into the psychology of change,  the importance of learning more about Australia's indigenous roots as we look to safeguard our environment for generations to come & the role regenerative agriculture has to play in this. Episode Takeaways Regenerative agriculture is really a journey of self discovery. Our beliefs and values have come from Traditional Australian practices which has been Primarily  about dominating nature. Regenerative farming is less about ego, less about domination and more about being aligned with nature | We have gone from culture to culture to generation to generation with the same beliefs and values and people don’t like change. But change is happening whether we like it or not  | We are at a point in history where we need to come together rather than divide | One person on their own cannot make significant difference but 7 billion acting together as one can make a big difference | When we talk about country. We talked about country as a thing. The indigenous when they talk about country, it’s so much deeper | It’s quite fearful for me to put myself out there like that. It’s nerve wracking! | Before I started the Environmental Cowboy I was definitely not free. I was afraid of people's judgement. I was afraid of failing. I was scared of rejection, but I faced those fears...but now I feel free. Links  Khory Hancock / The Environmental Cowboy - website  The Environmental Cowboy - IG & FB  The Environmental Cowboy - You Tube National Regenerative Agriculture day - 14th Feb annually David Ward - agronomist Charles Massy - author of ‘The Call of the Reed Warbler’ Shane Fitzsimmons - Former NSW RFS Commissioner  Celeste Barber - comedian  David Marsh -  regenerative agriculture farmer Tony Robbins - life & business strategist  Al Gore - US politician & environmentalist Bruce Lee - Chinese american actor, martial artist & philosopher Ben Brooksby   - the Naked Farmer  Derek & Kirilly Blomfield - The Conscious Farmer Building Bridges to Boorowa - Boorowa Comunity Landcare Group project Holly Richmond - writer  Byron Bay Grass Fed -  beef producer  Matthew Hussey - relationships coach 

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