01.14.2021 - By Revelations Radio Network

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Episode 286: Trump speech continues to feed hopium for die hard supporters, military memo appears to support Biden, YouTube loves Simon Parkes, “unfit” lawyer Lin Wood Zoom call Kraken Supercomputer, more insurrection false flag set up (1, 2, 3), psychological analysis to trick people into liking Flippy, CIA releases UFO vault, covid joke is a Canary Cry prediction fulfilled, Uganda censors social media ahead of elections, drone named MANNA, Twitter bans Sci-Hub, surveillance of man stealing surveillance camera, Government AI office logo, CRISPR to store data in DNA, Biden gets second dose, Florida doctor dead.  #UFO #Supercomputer #AI   SHOW NOTES:  COMMUNITY:   Paypal:  Patreon 1:  Patreon 2:  Crypto:  Twitch: YouTube 1:  YouTube 2:  DLive:  RSS:  Spotify:  Apple:  Google:  Amazon:  Podbay:

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