Kyung Lah's dispatch from Maricopa County: 'Democracy will die by a thousand paper cuts, and this is a huge cut at it'

05.28.2021 - By Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter

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CNN's Kyung Lah discusses her reporting on the bogus Arizona audit and the role of far-right outlet One America News in the saga. "This is not about right versus left," she says. "This is about truth and lies, and we cannot be afraid to call it a lie." Brian Stelter asks about local coverage of the GOP recount; the "pool" that takes turns observing; and the posture of local officials in Maricopa County. Lah also recounts her viral interview with the president of the Arizona state senate, who defended the credibility of conspiracy-laden OAN. Lah comments on being the proverbial canary in the coal mine, as Maricopa County is "the next page of the Big Lie playbook."

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