Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1879

03.26.2022 - By The Tech Guy (Video)

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Using Beeper to send and receive messages on Android and iOS. Exploring some common complaints against Windows 11. Maintaining a U.S. phone number while out of the country. Using OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install macOS on unsupported hardware. Recovering a locked LastPass account. Syncing an Outlook calendar with a Google calendar. Printing Outlook emails in black and white instead of gray. Using ColorNote on a Windows PC without creating a Microsoft account. Finding a good deal on upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Blocking a caller or email contact on iOS. Saving space on Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage. Plus, conversations with Scott Wilkinson, Johnny Jet, and Dick Debartolo.
FCC puts Kaspersky on security threat list, says it poses "unacceptable risk" | Ars Technica
New EU law could require iMessage and WhatsApp to work with other, smaller platforms - The Verge
Beeper - All Your Chats In One App
The Original Lava Lamp Company | Fun Decorative Lighting
Upgrade to the New Windows 11 OS | Microsoft
GRC | InControl  
Google Voice
textPlus - Free SMS Texts and Calls
OpenCore Legacy Patcher
Asahi Linux
LastPass Support (@LastPassHelp) / Twitter
LastPass Support Discussions - GoTo Community
Airline Trolley | Authentic Aviation Quality | MySky SkyCart
Going to Alaska This Summer? This is How You Can Save Money on Tours and Excursions
Add an email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Set up multiple calendars on iPhone - Apple Support
How to Give Calendar Access in Outlook
6 Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar
Outlook Google Calendar Sync - OGCS
Sync your Outlook and Google calendars
Sunshine - Sunshine
How Do I Print an Email in Black Instead of Gray in Outlook.com? - Ask Leo!
ColorNote – Best Notepad & Notes App
applications - Handcent Next SMS just flagged by Play Protect -- what's going on? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange
Pulse SMS
Textra SMS
uBlock Origin - Chrome Web Store
Block phone numbers, contacts, and emails on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows 10
World's Smallest (Working) Atari 2600 | Giz Wiz Biz
Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Scott Wilkinson, Johnny Jet, and Dick DeBartolo
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