S2E08 - Let's Find Out

03.15.2019 - By Of Horse: A BoJack Horseman Fan Cast

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DEATH FROM ABOVE! Let's meet our big celebrity, Will Hughes from The AV Club and Duckfeed, who joins us to get real about the professionalism and the petty spite that drives Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let's Find Out! We also blame Elodie for Ronald Reagan's political career and reprimand octopodes for their sloppy heist planning. Now get your little butt back on that stage, and you resolve. -- Support Of Horse to get bonus episodes and more!  Hang out with us on Facebook or Tumblr Conrad: @ConradZimmerman Elodie: @ChemyWords Jake: @AtSymbolJake  

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