Episode 101: "Let's Just Not Even Try"

08.10.2012 - By Up And In: The Baseball Prospectus Podcast

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0:00 Maybe you like smaller stuff
3:37 Housekeeping
4:38 Email
36:23 Call-Ups: Vitters, Jackson, Machado
44:22 Taking a stand on prospects
55:34 The Curious Case of Austin Wood
1:03:09 What's Mike Trout worth?
1:12:21 Let's scout little league baseball!
1:19:08 Special Guest: Andy McCullough, Newark Star-Ledger on the future of the Mets
1:46:57 Listener of the week: Craig Robinson: the British artist in Mexico
2:06:18 Musical Guest: The Revivalists
2:07:31 What Are You Drinking? (with special tribune to Juan Deli)
2:14:05: In the 'hood: #WeirdNeighbors - The Mattress People
2:32:45: The Week ahead

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