Links Awakening, Switch Lite, Nintendo News, NPC Ep. 237

09.25.2019 - By Nintendo Power Cast - Nintendo Podcast

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Nintendo Power Cast Episode 237
Music On Being Human 
Unofficial Nintendo Podcast
Ad read

Super Mario Maker Podcast 
What We Played/Impressions
Link’s Awakening
Goose Game
Switch Lite in the News
100% confirmed that the Lite lacks the hardware to allow it to connect to the TV
Nintendo stocks dipped 3.5% off a Bloomberg report of only 144K units shipped vs the expected 300K
“Joy-Con Drift” on the Lite - do we think this is an issue

Paid Multiplayer coming to Luigi’s Mansion 3 (official website)
NA MarioKart Open
Number 1 player racked up a total of 333 points
Our experience this weekend with the tournament

Nintendo turns 130

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