Locating Leah

By The Locating Leah Podcast

What's Locating Leah about?

The Locating Leah podcast is an investigative trip into the disappearance of 31-year-old mother Leah Harding, of South Range, Mich. She was declared missing May 15, 2015, and no credible sighting has been reported since. Police have a person of interest, but after all of these years gone by, why hasn't an arrest been made? A small community and a loving family have been forever changed by her disappearance. Join along in an effort to find a resolution to this mystery.

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5: Finding a resolution


After an unexpected, extended absence, the podcast returns to address the best remaining option in resolving Leah Harding's disappearance. While this one is the shortest of the series, it may be carry the most weight and discusses difficult subject matter. ...