Loss, Hope & Healing: One Family’s Story Of Turning Grief Into Advocacy

01.29.2021 - By The Mom Hour

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Getting pregnant was relatively easy for Dani Kilgore and her husband William, who looked forward to growing a family after getting married in 2009. But for Dani, a former teacher and soccer coach who now serves as a pastor in a church, staying pregnant proved challenging. Through miscarriage and preterm labor, a premature birth and devastating infant loss, Dani and William leaned on one another, their faith, and their community even as they navigated a healthcare system that didn’t always appear to have their backs.

In today’s special episode, Dani shares candidly with Meagan about the years that have led up to where she is today: the heartbreak and loss, the learning to trust her own voice as a patient, and the healing and hope that shines through her five-year-old daughter Harper.

This episode contains sensitive topics, including miscarriage and infant loss. We believe it’s important to provide a platform for moms to share pregnancy and birth stories that, while difficult to hear, help all of us understand a fuller spectrum of the motherhood experience. We hope you’ll listen today, but if you cannot, we understand and send you our love.

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