Machine Learning for Tabular Data in Practice ft. Mark Ryan - ML 040

08.05.2021 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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Mark Ryan is our first returning guest to the Adventure. He has created a video series for Manning showing how to use Machine Learning for Tabular data.

He walks Ben Wilson through the ins and outs of applying Deep Learning to tabular data sets and the how to find instances where this practice might be the right solution.


Ben Wilson


Mark Ryan


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Deep Learning with Structured Data | Manning
Prepare Tabular Data | Manning
Mark Ryan - YouTube
GitHub: Mark Ryan ( ryanmark1867 )
Twitter: Mark Ryan ( @MarkRyanMkm )

Contact Ben:

GitHub | BenWilson2/ML-Engineering
GitHub | databrickslabs/automl-toolkit
LinkedIn: Benjamin Wilson

Special Guest: Mark Ryan.

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