Mantra: Catch the Wind

10.27.2019 - By Southeast Christian Church

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You could have the biggest, fanciest sailboat in the harbor, but it isn’t going anywhere unless you’ve got wind. In the same way, faith doesn’t move unless the Spirit moves first. When Jesus compares the Spirit to the wind, he teaches us to value adventure and action over safety and comfort. That means we will not be held back by our plans or the comfort or the predictable. The wind blows, you can’t grab it but you can feel it, you can’t see it but you can see it’s effects. That’s the way it should be in the church and that’s the way it should be in our individual lives, the effects of the wind should be clear. So, how do we “catch the wind?” The same way a sailboat captain does it: we raise the sails. We stay so in tune with Christ that even the slightest breeze has us expectant. We get all-hands-on-deck ready and equipped by God’s word and Spirit to do this thing together. And when the wind begins to blow, we raise the sails with anticipation, knowing that the destination will be worth the journey. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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