328: Marc Reklau, author of 30 Days – Change your habits, change your life

05.06.2021 - By My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle

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Marc Reklau, author of 30 Days - Change your habits, change your life

Bill Ringle and Marc Reklau discuss...

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Interview Insights

Top 3 Take-Aways from this Interview

* In order for us to achieve the desired outcome, we need to try multiple equations and those are not always going to arrive at the best answer the first time. As Edison said, success is always trying one more time. * Identify the thing that brings you the most outcome and delegate time in accordance to how much those things give you in return. * Habits can impact success. It is helpful to track our habits, see how they affect us, and identify which we need to keep or improve on, and which we need to discard.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

* Marc shares about his mother's influence on him growing up. [01:08]
* Good training is a foundation to building a company culture and he explains why. [03:18]
* Marc on applying Edison's principle that success comes after trying and trying again.  [07:28] 
* A discussion about the 80/20 rule and how this pattern can be helpful in deciding which to spend our time the most when it comes to business.  [09:58]
* When he left his job, Marc started doing 10x better, and even so during the pandemic when his book sales exploded. [12:48]
* He gives an example of how he was able to apply the 30 Days to Change habit in coaching. [14:29]
* Here he talks about the importance of tracking our habits. [17:24]
* My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [20:11]

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