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This is my friend Bernard Freeman. We met in the music biz while I was at The Source magazine and he was in a group you may have heard of: UGK. I was, and am still, cool with a lot of recording artists but this friendship wasn’t just the industry, we became true friends in real life. Friends to the extent that when we both hit low points in our lives we confided in each other. We had the “you too?” moment where I’m looking at him as legendary rapper Bun B, the underground king, the Trill OG and he’s looking at me as a successful entrepreneur and family man. We both, like most of us do with our friends, assumed the other had it made, wrong. We shared our struggles, our emotions, asked each other for help, and by doing so, it showed us we are not the only ones that go through it, and it’s ok.

The original plan for this podcast was to have it hosted by two people, myself and Bun. If we could open up about our life’s journey, be a positive example of friends communicating maybe we could inspire others to do the same. But life happens and the course changes, he focused on recording his album (make sure you cop Return of the Trill) and I stayed on course to bring you this podcast. Both were things that each needed to accomplish and have now brought us back together to do this episode. I had a blast getting to know my friend a little better, who knows, maybe we’ll still do a show together, for now tune in, listen, like, share, comment on MASK OFF EPISODE 6: Bun B.

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