#32: Megan Hoyt on Composer Study

02.20.2017 - By The Mason Jar

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In this episode of The Mason Jar Q&A;, Cindy chats with author Megan Hoyt about composer study and Charlotte Mason. Megan is the author of A Touch of the Infinite: Studies in Music Appreciation with Charlotte Mason  and the moderator of the music section at AmblesideOnline.  Topics include: Math and music (6:00) The most surprising thing she learned about Mason's method for composer study (10:45) A book that encapsulates what Mason was trying to do (18:25) How composer study involves more than she originally thought (21:30) Teaching music appreciation when you are not a gifted musician (24:40) Where to start composer study (29:00) How a little bit goes a long way (38:30) What she's reading (43:30) Books mentioned in this episode:  A Touch of the Infinite, by Megan Hoyt The Term's Music, by Cedric Howard Glover When Children Love to Learn, by Elaine Cooper You can learn more about Megan and her work here.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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