Ep 24 Megan Jo, The Tributaries That Create Us

04.29.2020 - By The Gardenia Project -Women's Storytelling

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So full disclosure here. I have participated in Rockstar Camp. I did the eight week program in learning how to use your voice and then got on stage in Portland Maine in May of 2019 to sing Firework by Katy Perry! (Go me!) It was an absolutely transformative experience which shifted who I am and how I live in the world. I loved the experience (though I was scared to do it!) and learned so much.
Months afterward I asked Megan to talk to me more on the podcast. I wanted to know her back story. How did she become a coach and a leader? How did she come up with the idea for Rockstar Camp? What were her motivations and what was the path that brought her here. I know that there is always interesting stories to hear when we ask about them. Her story is fascinating and insightful and a real inspiration for those who may still be wondering what they are going to do when they grow up. Sometimes the answers to what we want to do seem clear and then they aren’t. Then they seem clear again. Then they aren’t again. Life is funny that way. Cheers to discipline and perseverance and being scrappy! All of which Megan Jo talks about in this show.
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