Men In Black

06.10.2019 - By The Force Fed Sci-Fi Movie Podcast

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In honor of the upcoming film Men In Black International film (MIB International podcast episode now available!), we at Force Fed Sci-Fi wanted to revisit the film that started it all by talking about and reviewing the movie Men In Black. We decided to cover topics like the Men In Black creatures and aliens, the Men In Black ending, some of our favorite Men In Black quotes, and more!

Let's start with the...
Men In Black Cast
Will Smith plays Agent J (Jay) in Men In Black (his previous identity being Edward James earlier in the film). As Sean and Chris discuss in this show's podcast episode, Will Smith had just completed and ended his popular show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, starred in the smash blockbuster hit Independence Day, and then was cast and released in this film Men In Black. It's kind of interesting as he finished the show and while he starred in the action film of Bad Boys first, he then cemented himself as kind of a sci-fi action star with Independence Day and Men In Black. We definitely don't think it's interesting in a bad way, but exactly the opposite as we think he did a phenomenal job taking up these types of roles (and still does). Sticking with Men In Black though, Smith did a great job! The mashup with Tommy Lee Jones' character made the film funny and of course Will Smith delivers his one line jokes with ease as he usually does. We'll get more into some of these jokes with our favorite Men In Black quotes later.

Tommy Lee Jones plays Agent K (Kay) in Men In Black. Jones had won an Oscar 4 years prior to the release of this film for his portrayal in The Fugitive (our non-sci-fi film recommendation of the week) and had filmed several films in between the two in the meantime. As we mentioned, the contrast of Jones' and Smith's characters was impeccable and added to the movie's humor. Some people may not know that Clint Eastwood was considered for this role as well. While Sean and Chris think that you could trade Eastwood and Jones out on this week's episode, I disagree and think Eastwood would have brought too much seriousness to the character of Agent K.

We also have in Men In Black, Zed who is portrayed by Rip Torn. We think Torn does a nice job playing the leader of the MIB agency in this film (and in the second one). We assume he wasn't asked back for the third MIB movie due to his legal troubles though. Despite his past, he has had some great performances to go along with a long career.
Men In Black Creatures and Aliens
So we thought it would be fun to identify some of the Men In Black creatures and aliens we meet in the first film along with some of the actors who portray them:


Vincent D'Onofrio po...

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