Mental Health Hangouts

By Seamus Kirst, Lily Stav Gildor

What's Mental Health Hangouts about?

Mental Health Hangouts is a weekly podcast where we have honest, open and safe conversations about mental health treatment, mental illness, addiction, etc.Each week the hosts, Seamus Kirst and Lily Stav Gildor, will talk with a millennial guest about his or her own mental health experiences. The show aims to identify and combat stigma and encourage vulnerable conversations.

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25 - Money and Mental Healt...


On this week's episode, Seamus and Lily discuss phone addiction, procrastination, and hallucinogens as psychiatric treatment. Then they are joined by Gaby Dunn, YouTuber, author, actress, activist, and host of Bad with Money podcast. With Gaby, they the relationship between ...

Mental Health Hangouts episodes: