Metagaming Moment CCLXXII - Week 03 DMs Guild Update 2021

01.20.2021 - By Metagaming Moments

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#Dnd5E #DMsGuild News = First, the review of Mike's (@drlabossiere) Free Encounter  #70: Puddle Lurker .  Although it needs some effort to flush out the pertinent information. You will find it a simple and straightforward encounter to run.  Also, I read Jeremy "frothsof" Smith (@FROTHSOF) Review of best new free or “Pay what you want” products on the DM’s Guild.  Moreover, Oliver Darkshire (@deathbybadger) surprises us with a new most popular product The Infinite Staircase  To close we have five Dungeoncraft program Adventure League Adventures. It is about 27 minutes long.
Mike's Free Encounter  #70: Puddle Lurker 

New Articles About Dungeon Master’s Guild Products on the Internet:
Free and Pay-What-You-Want 5e DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 1.17.21
Battlemaps: Lightning Rail
Silverymoon Visitor's Guide 
The Admiral's Success: A Guide to Sailing the Styx 
Temple of the Nightwind
Advanced Skill System
Top Five Most Popular Products on the DMs Guild
The Infinite Staircase
Exploring Eberron
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Complete DM's Bundle (maps, guides, cheatsheets and more)
Tasha's Crucible of Everything Else Volume 1 
Monster Manual Expanded (5E)
Five Newest Free or Pay What You Want Products
An Introduction to Gnomish Cuisine
wizard order of the aurora
TheBlightstalker Ranger
Adventurers League Community Logo
New Warlock Patron: The Orphan

New Adventure League Adventures on the Dungeon Masters Guild
DC-PoA-CONMAR-01 Something Siniste
DC-POA-INGH-01 A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonight
Dc-PoA-DCAF06 A Front On Frost
DC-POA-ROG-1 The Frozen Path To Easthaven
DC-PoA-DCAF04 A Macabre Nightal

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