Metagaming Moment CCXL - Week 42 DMs Guild Update

10.21.2020 - By Metagaming Moments

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#DnD5e #DMsGuild News = First, Mike's free encounter #57.  Then, Tommy Willams (@tyguitaxe)writes on geektyrant about a new Mystery One -Shot.  Also, we have an adventure for Halloween that is not too scary.  Plus, we cover another article on a DMs Guild product of spooky subclasses.  Finally, our regular topics include top 5 DMs Guild products, newest free products.  Also, the newest Adventure league Adventure. This lasts almost 37 minutes
Mike's Free Encounter #58: Bone Shaper
New Articles About Dungeon Master’s Guild Products on the Internet:
Enjoy More Evolving Magical Items in D&D with AWAKENED BLADES VOLUME 2
Enjoy Halloween with Less Horror in GNOMES IN THE NIGHT D&D Supplement
Use These Spooky Subclasses for Your Halloween DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventures
Use These Spooky Subclasses for Your Halloween DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventures
Some Haunted Stories You Can Run on Halloween
Hallow Man- Halloween Special Edition
All Hallows Eve: ReAwakening - A Halloween Adventure
The Well in the Woods (A Halloween Special)
Curse of the Headless Horseman (A Halloween themed adventure)
The Balov, A Horror Film Inspired Halloween Adventure
Top Five Titles on DMs Guild
Exploring Eberron
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Complete DM's Bundle (maps, guides, cheatsheets and more)
Eyes Unclouded 
Codex of the Infinite Planes
The Yokai Compendium
Five Newest Free or Pay What You Want Products
The Fallen - A Warlock Subclass for 5e
Berdusk Till Dawn
Augmented Casting - Feat 
Cleric: Summer Domain - Children of the Sun

New Adventure League Adventures on the Dungeon Masters Guild
DDAL10-01 The Frozen North

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