Metagaming Moments CCLXII- Eberron News 48 Part 1

01.10.2021 - By Metagaming Moments

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#DnD5E #Eberron News = We cover Jim Moreno (@FreelancerJim) writing on The Gamer (@thegamerwebsite) about Keith Baker’s upcoming book Frontiers of Eberron.  J.R. Zambrano (@jrrmungandr) of BOLS (@BoLSNEWS) on Amping up your Artificer!  Plus there is a breakdown of the alchemist artificer.  There are reviews of a couple Cyberpulp adventures on the DM’s guild you find out about. The podcast lasts almost 43 and a half minutes.
Keith Baker Announces Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold RPG Sourcebook
D&D: Five Ways To Amp Up Your Artificer
Enjoy a "Cyberpulp and Technoir" Adventure in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with {HACK}: COVEN
Go on a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Cyberpunk Spy Mission in NEON KNIGHTS
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Artificer - Alchemist Breakdown
Stop the Gorb Collective in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure TASTE NRG9000
Undying Tactics
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Artificer - Battle Smith Breakdown
New Eberron Podcasts
Manifest Zone: Q’barra
New Keith Baker’s Blog Entries
IFAQ: Wounding Werewolves and Changeling Hair
Dragonmark: Flight in Eberron

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