30: Michaelangelo L'acqua - The Infinite Possibilities of the Creative Mind

05.06.2015 - By Sound and Substance - Songwriting and Music Production

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I’m pumped to have Michaelangelo L’acqua on the show today. Michaelangelo is a musician, DJ, producer and an international music lifestyle curator. In 1999 he was hired by Tom Ford to create the music identity for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and create the musical direction for the runways of Milan, Paris and New York.
He also executive produced the Nat King Cole Re:Generations project on EMI Records, which featured will.I.am, Cee Lo Green and Nas. 
He went on to become the Global Music Director for the W Hotel Group, and continues to evolve and combine his passions into interesting career opportunities.
The interesting part about his story to me is that he overcame so much challenge and rejection, like teachers considering him mentally-challenged instead of simply dyslexic, or how his mentor early on shut down his dream of being a pro guitar player. Yet he pushed forward with his passions and developed an attitude of, “Not if, but when”, which has propelled him forward to create a career that many would envy and gain inspiration from.
We discuss a lot, but here are some sample topics:

Dealing with rejection
Staying true to your vision as an artist, not pleasing the masses
Evolution as an artist and musician
Feeling like an impostor even when others view you as a success
Advice for aspiring producers
How technology has leveled the playing field
Michaelangelo’s personal journey and career path


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