Episode 237 - Mickey Schuch

06.13.2022 - By Cleared Hot

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Mickey Schuch is the owner and an instructor at Carry Trainer, an organization designed to provide a holistic approach to self-defense and firearms training. Mickey is a firearm instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotguns, Personal Protection Inside the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home, a Range Safety Officer, and a member of the Illinois Tactical Officers Association. Carry Trainer provides real solutions for real problems. It is incumbent upon individuals, businesses, and organizations to protect and defend innocent life. Carry Training provides training for individuals who are looking to make themselves the best that they can be. There is much more to self-defense than obtaining a permit to carry a gun. Training in any martial skill is more than attending a class, it is a lifestyle choice and the decision to exercise the right of arming oneself for the defense of themselves and family should not be taken lightly. Bullets cannot be called back once loosed from the gun. Safety is not an inherent trait; it is learned through proper training and repetition.

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