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My teachers were the sun, moon, stars, dirt, wind, trees, and the critters.  All of them were preaching the truth…. ~ Mike Snider
Mike Snider is a hidden spiritual goldmine tucked away in rural Tennessee.  Mike Snider doesn’t consider himself a spiritual teacher and rarely speaks in public or does interviews on this topic.
Fortunately, Mike Snider agreed to be on the Journals of Spiritual Discovery podcast.  When our original interview ran into technical problems, Mike went to a professional studio and recorded a nearly two hour account of his spiritual path and the wisdom revealed along the way.
Sit back and be transported by the poetic storytelling of Mike Snider.

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Selected Links and Notes from this Episode:

“There is absolutely nothing here and everything is proof of it.” [6:00]
“We already know what we are, but need an intuitive shift in perception in order to recognize it.” [13:45]
“Desperate earnestness is the key.” [18:00]
Discovering A Course in Miracles. [1:04:15]
The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, I Am That by Nisardadatta Maharaj, and Talks with Ramana Maharshi. [1:24:24]
“At this particular point in my life, the only two authorities I trusted in my quest was God and Jesus and they weren’t talking.” [1:05:30]
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