Ep 98 30 min Level 2 yoga class Brighten Your Inner Moxie

04.21.2013 - By Elsie's Yoga Class

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Oh what a story do I have to tell in this episode! At least you know what’s it’s going to be all about looking at the artwork for this post.
That image was taken very soon after I walked through my door after I got held up. I found both of my girls immersed in watching My Neighbor Totoro one of our family’s favorites. Such dichotomy.
You can of course listen to me tell the story of the whole event in the class. There is a 5 minute intro and then the class begins with me telling the story of how I got held by a young man with a gun a block away from my house.
This is a great class to practice when you are feeling ungrounded, defeated and/or a little scared. It’ll help you get your moxie on and help you reconnect to your strength!
I mention two links in the intro:
Yogidetox My free newsletter which is The Divine Moxie League HQ
Also, do to the tragic events this week in Boston and in Texas I wrote this deeply personal piece that I’d love for you to check out: Surviving Terror- A Personal Story
Let me know what you think! email me at eyogaclass@gmail.com or call me at 310 651 6238!

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