Episode 62 - Minimalist Casts

10.30.2019 - By The Writ Wit: A Podcast About Writing and the Creative Process

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In this episode, the two Matts stop a story-train from going off the rails, forget to do a skit themed around Halloween like we have for the last two years, reminisce on old theater productions Matt David was once in, and talk about minimalist casts in stories and shows. How many characters is the maximum in a minimalist cast? What are the advantages and detriments to writing such a small cast for a story? Are you limited on what kinds of stories you can tell? Will Matt David ever get back into trick-or-treating and scare off little kids with his grown-man-doing-a-child's-activity antics? We discuss it all, with a minimalist cast of two, and talk about They're Playing Our Song, Urinetown, Zombieland, and a potential future story idea of Matt Donald's called Io. Will anything come of it? Probably not. Have any feedback or questions for our hosts? Email us at [email protected] Also you can purchase Matt Donald's book "Megazoic" on Amazon by clicking here, its sequel "Megazoic: The Primeval Power" by clicking here, its third installment "Megazoic: The Hunted Ones" by clicking here, or its final installment "Megazoic: An Era's End" by clicking here. If you'd like, of course.  Get bonus content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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