ML 015: Extracting Value from Data with Alexey Grigorev

12.29.2020 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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Alexey Grigorev is the lead data scientist for one of the biggest classified ads companies in the world. He walks us through gathering, mining, and understanding data to improve things. One big component of this is Machine Learning. It optimizes business processes and helps data scientists understand the data they have.


Beril Sirmacek
Daniel Svoboda
Gant Laborde


Alexey Grigorev


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Alexey- DataTalks.Club

Beril- Rise of AI | Building an European AI Ecosystem

Daniel - Medium

Daniel- Quantum Stat- Medium

Daniel- Towards Data Science

Gant- AI and Machine Learning for Coders: A Programmer's Guide to Artificial Intelligence by Laurence Moroney

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