Monster Kid Radio

By Derek M. Koch

What's Monster Kid Radio about?

Monster Kid Radio is the Rondo-award winning, weekly podcast celebrating the classic, and sometimes not-so-classic, genre cinema of yesteryear!

Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, John Agar . . . these are the patron saints of Monster Kid Radio, the weekly podcast celebrating the classic, and sometimes not-co-classic, genre cinema of yesteryear. Your host Derek M. Koch is joined by a special guest each episode to talk about a favorite monster movie; favorite classic actor, actress, or director; or a topic relevant to monster kids of all ages. Framed by mostly-spooky surf music, every episode of Monster Kid Radio is your weekly escape to the monster kid playground.

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Monster Kid Radio #506 - Th...


Tim Durbin from Viewing the Classics ( joins Monster Kid Radio this week for a look at a little known Cold War flying saucer movie called The Bamboo Saucer (dir. Frank Telford). Mark Matzke brings us a Beta Capsule Review ...

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