132 - Moral Injury (feat. Dr. Joseph Currier)

05.17.2021 - By CXMH: On Faith & Mental Health

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This week' we’re joined by Dr. Joseph Currier to talk about moral injury. In the intro, Robert & Holly talk about funny ways they’ve gotten injured.
Things we mention in this episode/other resources:- CXMH 91 - Spiritual Bypassing (feat. Dr. Jesse Fox) (https://cxmhpodcast.com/show-notes/2020/01/27/91-spiritual-bypassing)- CXMH 103 - How We Move Through Suffering (feat. Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren & Sara Showalter Van Tongeren) (https://cxmhpodcast.com/show-notes/2020/05/04/103-van-tongeren)
Connect with Dr. Currier using his faculty page (https://www.southalabama.edu/colleges/artsandsci/psychology/faculty/currier.html) or email him at [email protected] Buy Joe’s book on Amazon: Addressing Moral Injury in Clinical Practice or Trauma, Meaning, and Spirituality: Translating Research into Clinical Practice.
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Intro/Outro music for this episode is ‘Fall Down’ by Rivers & Robots (http://riversandrobots.com/).

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