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01.24.2021 - By The Mom Hour

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Containing our kids’ chaos is one thing; keeping track of our OWN stuff is another altogether. To round out our recent series of episodes about where to put all the STUFF of family life, Meagan and Sarah chat about how we store and organize all the things that fall under “mom’s domain.” From our bathroom counters to our nightstand drawers, the kitchen “drop zone” to mask and mitten management, we’re here to share what works, what we’re working on, and where we need serious help. Join us!

This rounds out a series of episodes on Where To Put All The STUFF. Listen to Part One here (it’s all about kids’ toys), and Part Two here (it’s about art supplies, board games, books and more).

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Links we mentioned in this episode:
Episode 294: Where To Put All The STUFF (LEGO, Tiny Toys, Dolls & More)
Episode 295: Where To Put All The STUFF (Art Supplies, Books, Board Games & More)
Meagan got an air fryer (affiliate link) for Christmas, which led to making some countertop space decisions (RIP pressure cooker)
Sarah has this Spode Christmas Tree Dinnerware (affiliate link) and loves it
We went on a tangent about dinnerware materials, and this blog post does a good job of rounding up the differences between china, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, etc.
Sarah uses a pretty vanity tray to contain bathroom countertop clutter (she has an old pewter one, but aren’t these pretty?) (affiliate link)
Sarah likes a clear plastic drawer organizer like this one (affiliate link) for her top bathroom drawer
Sarah uses this Madesmart Divided Tote (affiliate link) in a deep bathroom drawer to keep upright bottles from falling over
Getting a paper shredder for their home office (affiliate link) helped Sarah and family manage paper piles

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