Mother Recovering

By Annika O'Melia

What's Mother Recovering about?

Mother Recovering is a podcast initially designed for mothers in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Parenting is very similar to recovery: it's a beautiful, challenging, and ever evolving process that requires intention, perseverance, patience and a sense of humor. The podcast evolved in 2021 to be a space for the host to contemplate recovery, motherhood, anxiety, trauma, and to explore life and relationships. It's a mixed bag. Episodes should relay the content so you may want to pick and choose what you tune in for.

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Episode 23: Rebecca Recovering


Join Annika and Rebecca as they discuss Rebecca’s recovery journey and her decision to enter treatment for depression and anxiety with 8 years of sobriety. This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation that will be continued next week. ...

Mother Recovering episodes: